About the Brand

The logo represents a lady who is ritzy and has class with minimalistic approach towards fashion. It represents a brand which is feminine, modernistic, high class, chic and is made for ladies who desire sustainable fashion with outstanding fashion details.

About the Brand:
A metaphor for supreme craftsmanship, RAAYA, is here to provide fast fashion for the millennials. We aim to live our philosophy by providing sustainable fashion in the perfect package of luxury and comfort at your reach with conscious details and versatile trend following.

About the Craftsmanship:

  • We will be providing crisp details with fashionable intricacies making sustainable fashion pieces for a high end market. 
  • This summer we will be putting forward a zesty collection that will be a treat to the eyes and a breath of fresh air.
  • The designs have intricate embroideries in soft pastels and muted tones. The inspiration ranges from the breezy botanicals to the authentic crafts of Pakistan.
  • Soft yet edgy with mindful elements has been played on our design canvases.